Pakistan ka Asli voter- A Must Watch !!!

yeh hai aik aam voter,
sach hai voter apni wafadariyan tabdeel nahi karta, chahe phir kisi ka bhi voter ho
kash voter ko apni taqat ka andaaza ho jaye,
afsoos yeh hai ke hum drawing room mai baith kar tabsara tu buhat karte hain, aik bashaoor boter ko sab kuch pata hai, phir jane knu aik bar, bus aik bar apne vote ki taqat ko azmate nahi
sach hai, agar hum sab aik bar , iss bar vote de, 100 % log ghar se vote dene nikale tu pata chal jaye ga ke dhandali hui ya nahi,???? 
kam azz kam hum yeh kehne ke qail ho jaye ge ke hum ne tabdili lane ki koshish ki!!!!!

PLZZZZZZZ Chahe kisi ko bhi vote karain par iss bar chutti manane aur din bhar bistar pe sone ke bajaye uthay aur vote de…..
so that bemani karne walon ko muqa na mile
Allah karay Pakistan mai iss bar aysi Huqomat aye jo sahi mano mai Pakistan ki taraqi ke liye kam karay, jesay damm banana, Ghareebo ko nahi Ghurbat ko khatum karna, Pakistan ko Self Sufficient Banana, aur iss ke liye Kuch bhi karna pare kar jaye,
Chahe Pakistan ki Import / Export khatum kar de China ki tarha, but Pakistan ke liye kaam karain, SIRF PAKISTAN KE LIYE Mashaa Allah , Ameen.
Pakistan zindabad…


Guidelines for writing a Great Blog


  1. Killer SEO and Blog Design

Cyrus Shepard makes an important case for having a beautiful blog. He says, “…the overall design of your site is the first thing visitors see and it significantly influences bounce rate, page views and conversions.”

Cyrus suggests that certain elements on the page will add to a blog’s success:

  • Search box
  • RSS feed
  • Breadcrumbs (helping users navigate),
  • Flat site architecture by minimizing the number of clicks it takes to reach your content
  • Images
  • Keep your best content above the fold
  • Link to your best content
  • Don’t overdo links
  • Watch ad space
  • Encourage comments
  • Add sharing buttons
  • Test the blog for speed
  • Check your blog in different browsers
  • Pick a powerhouse blogging platform (e.g., WordPress, Posterous, Tumblr)
  1. Journalistic Approach

Bloggers can learn a lot from traditional journalists and the ways that they approach their news stories.

Mickie Kennedy offers five things that bloggers can learn from journalists:

  • Get your facts straight
  • Trust has to be earned
  • Give credit to your sources
  • The inverted pyramid works (basic overview in first paragraph and then delve into more details in subsequent paragraphs)
  • Editing and proofreading are essential
  1. Description

Most search engines will use a maximum of 160 characters for your post description on their results pages. If you don’t create a meta-description (defined as a “…concise summary of your page’s content”), a search engine will often take the first 160 characters it finds on your page instead.

Note too, that when you create a meta-description that is fewer than 160 characters, you’ll see the full description in the search engine. Otherwise it will be cut off.

  1. Blogging Platform

By knowing the ins and outs of your blogging platform, you’ll ensure that your posts look as good as they can. Take the time to master the visual editor (or raw HTML, if you prefer) so that you know how to format a post, insert an image and embed a video or podcast.

Whether you’re working in platforms such as WordPressTumblr or Posterous, it’s good to stay up to date on the features and new versions.

If you’re not comfortable with the more technical aspects of blogging, try to find someone who can be a resource for you to answer questions as they arise.

More where this came from…..
Until next time.
TC , Chao !!!