NEVER give up on your Dreams !!!

Sometimes, when you are about to quit, the Only thing you need is to try ONE last time; because you Never know, that’s the Only thing you need. (To try again one last time !!! ) Mashaa Allah , May you all have the Hope, Inspiration and Courage to try your luck, just One Last Time, Ameen .

Challenge Your Fear

Nice, I’ve done this kind of activity when I was a kimd, approximately 7 years of age, and the problem at hand was what field I should choose ‘Pure Science’s’ or ‘Computer Science’.

I calculated all aspects inside my head and in approximately 17 seconds I’ve made my decision to become a Computer scientist. 😊

From that day onwards, whatever happened, I continue to fight for my aim, and today I’m a Computer science Graduate.

Thus, whatever physiological fears you have you can fight them and get an appropriate solution. Just write down the pro’s and con’s of the thing you want to do, and definitely, in shaa Allah you will find a solution.

Great artile, All the best…


The Hypocrisy that I’ve been a victum of !!!

Its about sometime, that I’ve been following some traits that I don’t prefer to Anyone. Such as, sitting home idol, not doing a job, not giving time to myself, not improving on my week points, not eating healthy or taking care of my health, not exercising, not thinking positive, negative self talk etc.
And the Funny/ irritating part is that I know the solution, I can see the solution in front of my eyes, and many of the solutions are as simple as taking a step forward, but not sure why I don’t have that courage to take that step. I Always find myself sitting aside, not taking that one, simple step towards the solution….

The dangerous part is, now I feel more elevated and soothing in my imaginary world, I feel much alive in the fictional characters, stories, dramas, films; and that’s NOT good at all. Its because this attitude take me away from reality. I must find my Happiness, Joy, Satisfaction from the elements of real life, not from Fiction. This is also dangerous for my mental health, as this would make me introvert and convert me in such a shy person that I’d not be able to talk to people in person, would not make eye contact with people, and in the end would might be So Horrified that I’ll not put my foot out of the house.

Thus, my suggestion for myself and other is Don’t be afraid of what happens or what could go wrong, be Joyful/ Excited for what can you Achieve, what new thing/ feelings/ emotions/ experiences u can come across.

The First Step(towards freedom from your mind cage of doubts) is Always very difficult, but it’s essential otherwise, you’ll Never encounter the Beautiful, Mesmerizing world outside the cave of your doubts. Moreover, its You and ONLY you who need to take that first step, No One else can take it. People can give you confidence, encourage you, but not more than that. Its you who need to fight the devil of self doubt and fears, bring All the courage, Positivity and Power in one place and use it to break free from the chains that are holding you back; from being the BEST version of yourself, do what you want to do, Do what you are best at, go where your soul feels free and satisfied.

Therefore, take that first step, as soon as possible, because life is too short for, regrets.

GOD Bless you all. Ameen.
Until Next time,
Chao !!