Fear Factor Khathron ke Khiladri in Trouble !!!

First of all, all the animals are taken very good care. Trained personals only deal with setting up a task. If anything dangerous is about to happen, the host, #RohitShetty stops the stunt immediately. Its of foremost importance for the host, and many times #Rohit sir have told the contestants that ‘ you CAN’T do this or that cuz it can harm the animal, or hurt yourself. ‘ so its clear that its done in full protection of both humans and animals… plus paramedics and ambulances are all the time alert for any kind of critical condition, e.g. in the previous season #Karan fainted due to health issues and heat stroke so he was immediately rushed to the paramedics that was present on set. And all the team was present there, till he recovered. Moreover, its due to the same reaseon they never cut those scenes so that its clear to the audience or ppl willing to take part in the coming seasons that if u DO NOT follow the instructions properly u can hurt yourself. Plus what I believe, its a show to face and win over your fears so , all the animals having venom might be removed, although its never told on camera, otherwise what’s the fear in that, and you might notice all the animals used are very much trained and calmed before the stunt is being performed cuz non of the animals attack on purpose… and full safety measures is being taken care of,
So, my vote is, the Show #FearFactore_KhathronKeKhiladri should not be stopped. And #RohitShetty or #AkshayKumar should Only host it, cuz they stand for Stunts and action. Plus they Really backs up the contestants in Every possible way and also takes care of them without any gender discrimination.
God Bless you all team #FearFactorKhathronkeKhiladri #RohitShetty #Technicians #SafetyTeam #Paramedics Everyone.
Love you all, Great respect. Mashaa Allah, All the best. Ameen

Kindness !!!

Thus before doing good, don’t think Twice, cuz your kindness, returns to you in miraculous ways… Mashaa Allah… SubhanAllah

The Three Brutal truths about Becoming Successful, That NO BODY talks about !!!

After watching this, I got to know, that I’m ALREADY SUCCESSFUL !!!

My aim was to become a good, honest, hard working, creative, sincere Student in my university years, and I’ve achieved it.

I aimed to score the highest grades in some of my favorite subjects/presentations and I’ve achieved it.

I aimed to be a helper at home with mom, nurture my relationship with my family, being helpful to them in ANY way possible, and I’m successful.

And my Most Loved aim, that I look forward to, that I can do Anything for, is being a person that inspires people, finding ways to spread Hope and Positivity to the World, and now Mashaa Allah ( with God’s Blessings) I’ve achieved it, I’m running my own blog with the name of Amber Chronicles – ambervantage.com;
In which I share ANYTHING that boost up Hope and Positivity in people… No Matter how many followers I have, or how much money I’ve earned ( because that was NEVER my aim).

The best part is, through that blog I can reach the world and say what I have to say, and That’s a Big achievement, the Biggest of all, maybe that people reads/listen to what I share and if some sort of, Any sort of positive change I can bring in their lives through my blog, than its a Great achievement.

Thank you #LisaNichols for letting me realize it, and Thanksss a Lot #FearlessSoul for sharing this Beautiful, Much needed message with us. I’m going to share this message on my blog so that more people can get inspired, 😊😘💖 plzzzz keep sharing such content. Love and regards…

Today’s Quote: Persistence

Persistence means, NOT to leave your dreams behind, no matter what are the circumstances.

Persistence means, to learn the lesson from your failure and Keep Moving Forward !!!

Persistence means, No Matter how much people say that you are Not worth it, You Cannot do it, Don’t listen to them, “If there is a will; there is a way”, thus Find your way, Do Not Back Out !!!

Persistence means, taking only Positive criticism and not giving an ear on Negative criticism…

I hope this will help you all find the Hope and Push that you were looking for, to be persistent….

God Bless you all. Ameen

Until Next time…

Allah Hafiz…

Is it Me ? Or Me ??

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see the real you, or what itioned to believe is you? The two are so, so different. One is an infinite consciousness capable of being and creating whatever it chooses, the other is an illusion imprisoned by its own perceived and programmed limitations. “

David Icke

I truly believe that the imaginary Limitations that we make for ourselves, is More harmful and dangerous for our growth.

Limit your interaction with Unwanted people is good, preferred; but being shy to express what you Really feel inside, about something/ ANYTHING is ‘Being Introvert to a High Risk’. It Shows the Confidence level to be on Extreme Low position.

Being able to Express is Really important. Whether Painting, Poetry, Singing, Writing or ANYTHING, it Doesn’t Matter…. what matters is you can and Must be able to share your thoughts, opinions, Feelings as well as your Gut Feeling with people.

If you suffer from the same, trapped illusion; then you Must find legal, possible ways, to Express your inner feelings in the most unharmed, productive way. Such as, Poetry, Painting, etc.

Have a Happy, Healthy and Productive life, EVERYONE…

Until Next time…

Chao !!!

Appearance doesn’t tell the whole Story….

I think the most beautiful, thought provoking advertisement of 2018.
And just for the record, when I saw his disabilities, I didn’t doubt him, probably cuz I’ve seen many such ppl fulfilling their dreams. Yes, with difficulty, but we can decrease their difficulty by treating them with Love and Equality. It’s the Only thing they need. Cuz I do believe that if Allah take back one sense, or blessing, He increases other senses of a person. So we Must spread Love, Hope and Positivity….
Thank u for such a Beautiful ad #Samsung, May we all keep Spreading Hope and Positivity like this. Ameen
God Bless you all. Ameen

Behind The Scenes – ‘Sajna Door’, ‘Teefa in Trouble’

#AliZafar often do things out of the box and that’s why it got success. Loveeeeeeed to see the struggle, preparation behind the Most Beautiful song of the year 2018, since cinematography, lyrics, choreography, feel is concerned. Hoping for more stuff like this in the coming year.. All the Best, Allah Bless u all Always Ameen.

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