Stop Calling EVERYONE your Friend !!!

Know what vibes you are around. If they are, in ANY aspect Negative; STOP being with / spend time with such people. These people Squeeze out Any drop of Positivity left in you and fill your mind with negativity.

A Negative Mindset is Not good for Human growth. A person with a negative mind cannot see the light in the Darkest times. He/she would cry on the Pity things neglecting the Blessings he/she has. Thus, would not be able to foucs on the given resources as well as the methods for using them well; and getting the work (at hand) done.

Remember, Allah help those who knows ‘When’ & ‘How’ to spend their resources well.

All the Best, Everyone !!!

May you all would find Hope in the Darkest times and Use your Resources Well.

God Bless you. Ameen.

MEANING OF LIFE – Jordan Peterson | Find Your Meaning

Most beautiful motivational speech, and I probably won’t be much convinced on that a week ago, or just Yesterday. But now, as I can see the result of my Aim , my will to start low but start doing something, today. My believe got stronger… Mashaa Allah. May we all find that Noble aim of ours which keep us agile and awake at night and help us get up in the Morning with Passion, Strength and a thought of Perseverance. Ameen. God Bless you All. Ameen

Some Unconventional questions with PML supporter !!

Awesome, shows the real confusion of a votr .. interesting conversation.
No offense to Any voter…
Just in the sense of satire…
All the Best Pakistan and all the people of Pakistan, irrespective of any Political afflictions…
Allah Bless Pakistan and its people, Always, Ameen.

Watch “Bekaraan Song | Superstar | Mahira Khan | Bilal Ashraf | Ali Sethi & Zeb Bangash | Azaan & Saad” on YouTube

Fantastic…. what feeling, what freedom. Beautiful. We want such pure things… that inspires you to be JUST YOU.
because it’s YOU what the world needs. The world need people who can think out of the Box. Be Unique and Creative.
Discover Yourself, your talents and use them to inspire people; Dream BIG and help them to achieve them. 😘💖