Appearance doesn’t tell the whole Story….

I think the most beautiful, thought provoking advertisement of 2018.
And just for the record, when I saw his disabilities, I didn’t doubt him, probably cuz I’ve seen many such ppl fulfilling their dreams. Yes, with difficulty, but we can decrease their difficulty by treating them with Love and Equality. It’s the Only thing they need. Cuz I do believe that if Allah take back one sense, or blessing, He increases other senses of a person. So we Must spread Love, Hope and Positivity….
Thank u for such a Beautiful ad #Samsung, May we all keep Spreading Hope and Positivity like this. Ameen
God Bless you all. Ameen

Behind The Scenes – ‘Sajna Door’, ‘Teefa in Trouble’

#AliZafar often do things out of the box and that’s why it got success. Loveeeeeeed to see the struggle, preparation behind the Most Beautiful song of the year 2018, since cinematography, lyrics, choreography, feel is concerned. Hoping for more stuff like this in the coming year.. All the Best, Allah Bless u all Always Ameen.

My Favourite song collection from Year 2018 !!!

Here is a collection some of my Most Favorite songs of 2018 !!!

Its Amazing to see our Pakistani Cinema evolving, having our identity and culture intact.

So, proud of my country Pakistan.



An comedy/ drama, produced by: the talented Singer/Songwriter/Actor/Anchor/Painter/ Sketcher and a Beautiful person #AliZafar. Directed by: Amazing director with an Innovative think #AhsanRahim. And the Legendary actors like #NayarEjaz #JawedSheikh #MehmoodAslam shedding their bright light on the other actors. With the beloved actors #MayaAli as heroine , #AliZafar as Our hero with a little taste of comedy by Incredible Director/Actor #FaysalQurishi.



A Fantastic film, introducing us all with the struggles both professional and personal of a #AirForce Pilot.

A concept that is Really close to my heart, as I Always wanted to be a pilot, when I was a Child.

Amazing songs but this one is my favorite. #ThamLo

Great concept with amazing and Promising new Talent like #ShazKhan #ShafaatAli #KubraKhan #AhadRazaMir (Son of Asif Raza Mir), with the renowned faces like #HamzaAliAbbasi as Hero starring #HaniaAamir as Heroine. Also some veteran actors like #MarinaKhan #AsifRazaMir #FarhanAliAgha #RasheedNaz and #HinaKhawajaBayat


One of the Most Fun and Up beat song of the year #BehkaRe

Its from the film #Jawani_Phir_Nahi_Ani_2 sung by a really fantastic voice #SherazUpple.

#JPNA2 did the biggest business of the year for Pakistani Cinema i.e. approximately 68 crore and worldwide 15.7 crore.

The Hypocrisy that I’ve been a victum of :

Its about sometime, that I’ve been following some traits that I don’t prefer to Anyone. Such as, sitting home idol, not doing a job, not giving time to myself, not improving on my week points, not eating healthy or taking care of my health, not exercising, not thinking positive, negative self talk etc.

And the Funny/ irritating part is that I know the solution, I can see the solution in front of my eyes, and many of the solutions are as simple as taking a step forward, but not sure why I don’t have that courage to take that step. I Always find myself sitting aside, not taking that one, simple step towards the solution….

The dangerous part is, now I feel more elevated and soothing in my imaginary world, I feel much alive in the fictional characters, stories, dramas, films; and that’s NOT good at all. Its because, this attitude is taking me away from reality. I must find my Happiness, Joy, Satisfaction from the elements of real life, not from Fiction. This is also dangerous for my mental health, as this would make me introvert and convert me in such a shy person that I’d not be able to talk to people – in person, would not make eye contact with people, and in the end would might be So Horrified that I’ll not put my foot out of the house.

Thus, my suggestion for myself and other is Don’t be afraid of what happens or what could go wrong, be Joyful/ Excited for what can you Achieve, what new thing/ feelings/ emotions/ experiences u can come across.

The First Step(towards freedom from your mind cage of doubts) is Always very difficult, but it’s essential otherwise, you’ll Never encounter the Beautiful, Mesmerizing world outside the cave of your doubts. Moreover, its You and ONLY you who need to take that first step, No One else can take it for you. People can give you confidence, encourage you, but not more than that. Its you who need to fight the devil of self doubt and fears, bring All the courage, Positivity and Power in one place and use it to break free from the chains that are holding you back; from being the BEST version of yourself, do what you want to do, Do what you are best at, go where your soul feels free and satisfied.

Therefore, take that first step, as soon as possible, because life is too short for, regrets.

GOD Bless you all. Ameen.
Until Next time,
Chao !!

8D audio| Sanju: KAR HAR MAIDAAN FATEH | Sukhwinder Singh | Shreya Ghoshal

First time ever I’ve listened to a 8D audio… Incredible experience… Awwwwwwwwwwwwwsome , Incredible, the surround sound is unexplainable experience… Ohhhhh God.. it feels like the sound is coming from some other dimension… we normally know 4 sides up , down , left, right, or north, south, east, west but it was like north-east and south-west ohhhh God, Never had such an Experience. AMAZING, , up the GREAT work, whosoever did this… hats off…

Mohsin Abbas Haider – the Struggle, the Realization of life and its importance

Allah bless u #Mohsin bhai, may u get more and more reasons to live this life fully…
Aur yeh achi baat hai k ap ki roh iss duniya mai besukoon hai, cuz jahan tak mujhay mera deeni ilm yaad hai, jo pak roohain hoti hai un ko iss duniya mai besukooni hi hoti hai, aur yeh kabhi mat sochiye ga k ap kisi ke kaam k nahi hain cuz agar ap ne aik banday ko bhi khushi de, muskurahat de, umeed de tu ap buhat kaam k hain, aur ap buhat lucky hain k Allah ne inn kaamo k liye ap ko choose kia hai, Allah Bless u Always Ameen.
Great Fan before this, but after watching this interview, Respect…. Great Respect for u. Allah ap ko sabar de, mai yaqeenan ap ki takleef nahi mehsoon kar sakti, par samaj sakti hon. Aur ap ko dua de sakti hon, k Allah ap se issi tarha achay kaam karata rahay. Aur ap khosh rahain. Aur satisfied jaye iss duniya se. Aur apni zindagi bharpoor jiye. Ameen

Pakistan- The Struggle

To those who think that there was no need to make Pakistan- A separate state for the Muslims, to those who think that Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah didn’t do his BEST….

You know nothing, he wanted a state where citizens, (Muslims , Non Muslims) can live peacefully, with Dignity… where they can perform their rituals peacefully… Respect Quaid, Respect and Love your Country Pakistan, You now have a separate, supportive country now its up to us to make it Beautiful, keep it Peaceful, make it Progress, and Work so Hard that people around tge world start respecting our Existence and Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Decision. Mashaa Allah.
Allah Bless Pakistan, Allah Bless Quaid e Azam.


My Message to EVERYONE out there on New Year’s eve !!!

My Message to EVERYONE out there on New Year’s eve !!!

Live your life to the Fullest.

The moment you are living now won’t come back, maybe in some other way it would but Not in the same manner, not with the same feeling. So Plzzzz live in the moment, whether its good or bad, Enjoy each moment.

Take Life as an Experience, Don’t let ANYTHING get to your head. Neither Success nor Failures. If you get Success, Thank God Almighty, and try to maintain it. If you fail, Don’t get disheartened. Extract the lesson in your failure, Remember the Lesson but erase the bad memories from your mind; so that it refreshes and be ready for the New Challenge that life is going to throw at you…

I only wish the Best of you whoever, Wherever is Reading this. May New Year brings Success, Happiness and Most important, Satisfaction in Each one of you. Ameen.

Stay Blessed.

***** Happy New Year *****

See you around, In Shaa Allah (If God Almighty is Willing)

Chao !!!!

Do visit the link Below to find the source of my inspiration. It inspired me A lot to be a better version of myself, hope it does the same for you.


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