Life Quotes – Amber Iqbal

A Lesson from the Dairy of My Life !!!

Every one is different….

Do, what you do best and do it, the Way you do BEST.

DON’T Follow, (the Rat race) Take risk and MAKE your own Path.

That’s Life!! To do the Unthinkable and become an Inspiration; for a Better, Happy, Prosperous and Satisfied life.

Until Next time,

God Bless you All. Ameen

Bayaan | Bekhabar (Special Performance) | Episode 1 | Pepsi Battle of the Bands | Season 4

Mashaa Allah. Before this (listening to this song) I thought there is Only one band, #Strings who can properly translate my inner feelings Mashaa Allah, in the form of Music; using their Extraordinary Song writing and Soulful Compositions. But today, I’m Extremely Happy that I have voted for you( in Pepsi Battle of the Bands) and I’m Soooooo Happy that I could have listened to this. I would say that This is the Exact song I needed to hear right now.

Now, there is another song of #Bayaan that would in Shaa Allah be in my play list for a long time. Mashaa Allah, SubhanAllah.

Allah Bless you Always, and May you keep making me , all of us, your parents and your country Pakistan proud. Ameen. God Bless you Always Ameen.
Love and Respect from Lahore, Pakistan.

Amazing Musical Discovery…

Incredible, what voice quality, what vocal technique, Awesome.
I Never saw such a talented vocalist and band overall. They have promoted their strengths in the Perfect manner…
Definitely Loved #Auj
Plz do support Pakistani Music, Pakistani talent…
God Bless you All. Ameen

#Auj #Lafz #Original #PepsiBattleOfTheBandsSeason4 #Audition

Most Inspiring GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions | Got Talent Global

All the golden buzzers were marvelous, but the last one with #Mandy was sooooooo moving, this is the second time I watched it, and maybe I was destined to watch this again. It was so moving, and reminded me, that how much we complaint about tge pity things that we couldn’t have, whereas there are such people who have lost a Very important component of their lives, which probably would NEVER come back; yet they still pull themselves together and bounced back, to FACE the world, its challenges and show EVERYBODY that they are NO LESS THAN ANYONE !!!

Beautiful, just marvelous. May we all find such hope and courage to face our life challenges and be a better version of ourselves. Ameen


NEVER give up on your Dreams !!!

Sometimes, when you are about to quit, the Only thing you need is to try ONE last time; because you Never know, that’s the Only thing you need. (To try again one last time !!! ) Mashaa Allah , May you all have the Hope, Inspiration and Courage to try your luck, just One Last Time, Ameen .