PM Imran Khan address 27th February 2019

My Leader, Our PM Imran Khan, on the de-escalating of War and why its important…. Proud of my Leader… Respect and Regards to all.

Also here is the YouTube link of the speech…

I hope better sense privail….

And we all can live in Peaceful coexistence with the acceptance of sovereignty and Respect. Ameen .




Stay Alive !!!!

A Great reminder, to be True to myself….

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

Listening to understand vs Listening to respond !!

Absolutely agree, and I believe that it’s now a common practice, whether it’s your life partner, your school/college/university/office colleges or your parents, unfortunately, it’s true and I’m a victim of it. I face this situation on daily basis. Whenever I’m in communication with someone, often in anger, people take my words in account and judge me on that, rather making an effort, sit down and have a heart to heart communication on why I’m upset, and also ‘listen to understand’ as you quote it.

I also agree to the point that observing body language, gestures, voice tone helps you get to the real point the other person is trying to make.

However, as for your question in the last line , how I rate my communication ? I would say when I was in university, I was among the coolest communication partners, people can talk to me easily, as I was a really great listener, at that time too, I mostly listen to respond, but also , before making and sealing my opinion about my communication partner, I waited to ‘Listen to Understand’ also. Thus, rating my communication on a scale from 1 to 10 as 10 to be the highest, I’ll rate my communication to be 9. Although now it has been depreciated to 4, I definitely need to improve.

Great article, thought provoking. Keep Inspiring. God Bless…


Strengthening one’s Relationship !!!

A Must watch, Now a days, people get into a relationship without realizing it’s importance and the skills to keep it Alive…

It’s the responsibility of both Man and women to keep a relationship alive. Not just one person…

Keep Loving/ caring for your partner plus making him/her realize how much he/she is important to you by doing the things that most of the married people/ people in a relationship consider as stupid or childish, like buying her a heart shaped balloon, having ice cream/ coffee together, watching his/her favorite movie with him/her, respecting his/her interests while having something that you can do together- to improve bonding and it could be ANYTHING… whether it’s playing a game, watching movie, reading, walking, discussing today’s work or laughing at old memories πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

Whatsoever, spending time together, enjoying each other company as well as saying it out loud how much he/she matters to you, is the MOST important thing in a relationship, and key to keep it Alive…

All the Best everyone…
Until Next time..
God Bless…

The Best dancing Battle Ever !!

I think its the Best Ever Battle, the costumes, the character that Each and Everyone carried on, brilliantly, the stunts, the story and most of all dance, the dance was Out of this World…. Really looking forward for the next season… All the best…

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