Challenge Your Fear

Nice, I’ve done this kind of activity when I was a kimd, approximately 7 years of age, and the problem at hand was what field I should choose ‘Pure Science’s’ or ‘Computer Science’.

I calculated all aspects inside my head and in approximately 17 seconds I’ve made my decision to become a Computer scientist. 😊

From that day onwards, whatever happened, I continue to fight for my aim, and today I’m a Computer science Graduate.

Thus, whatever physiological fears you have you can fight them and get an appropriate solution. Just write down the pro’s and con’s of the thing you want to do, and definitely, in shaa Allah you will find a solution.

Great artile, All the best…

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I'm a BSCS honors graduate. worked in a start up as a Software Tester. I have an aim to make a positive impact on the society. Therefore, made this website to fulfill this aim.

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