Listening to understand vs Listening to respond !!

Absolutely agree, and I believe that it’s now a common practice, whether it’s your life partner, your school/college/university/office colleges or your parents, unfortunately, it’s true and I’m a victim of it. I face this situation on daily basis. Whenever I’m in communication with someone, often in anger, people take my words in account and judge me on that, rather making an effort, sit down and have a heart to heart communication on why I’m upset, and also ‘listen to understand’ as you quote it.

I also agree to the point that observing body language, gestures, voice tone helps you get to the real point the other person is trying to make.

However, as for your question in the last line , how I rate my communication ? I would say when I was in university, I was among the coolest communication partners, people can talk to me easily, as I was a really great listener, at that time too, I mostly listen to respond, but also , before making and sealing my opinion about my communication partner, I waited to ‘Listen to Understand’ also. Thus, rating my communication on a scale from 1 to 10 as 10 to be the highest, I’ll rate my communication to be 9. Although now it has been depreciated to 4, I definitely need to improve.

Great article, thought provoking. Keep Inspiring. God Bless…


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