Appearance doesn’t tell the whole Story….

I think the most beautiful, thought provoking advertisement of 2018.
And just for the record, when I saw his disabilities, I didn’t doubt him, probably cuz I’ve seen many such ppl fulfilling their dreams. Yes, with difficulty, but we can decrease their difficulty by treating them with Love and Equality. It’s the Only thing they need. Cuz I do believe that if Allah take back one sense, or blessing, He increases other senses of a person. So we Must spread Love, Hope and Positivity….
Thank u for such a Beautiful ad #Samsung, May we all keep Spreading Hope and Positivity like this. Ameen
God Bless you all. Ameen

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I'm a BSCS honors graduate. worked in a start up as a Software Tester. I have an aim to make a positive impact on the society. Therefore, made this website to fulfill this aim.

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