My Favourite song collection from Year 2018 !!!

Here is a collection some of my Most Favorite songs of 2018 !!!

Its Amazing to see our Pakistani Cinema evolving, having our identity and culture intact.

So, proud of my country Pakistan.



An comedy/ drama, produced by: the talented Singer/Songwriter/Actor/Anchor/Painter/ Sketcher and a Beautiful person #AliZafar. Directed by: Amazing director with an Innovative think #AhsanRahim. And the Legendary actors like #NayarEjaz #JawedSheikh #MehmoodAslam shedding their bright light on the other actors. With the beloved actors #MayaAli as heroine , #AliZafar as Our hero with a little taste of comedy by Incredible Director/Actor #FaysalQurishi.



A Fantastic film, introducing us all with the struggles both professional and personal of a #AirForce Pilot.

A concept that is Really close to my heart, as I Always wanted to be a pilot, when I was a Child.

Amazing songs but this one is my favorite. #ThamLo

Great concept with amazing and Promising new Talent like #ShazKhan #ShafaatAli #KubraKhan #AhadRazaMir (Son of Asif Raza Mir), with the renowned faces like #HamzaAliAbbasi as Hero starring #HaniaAamir as Heroine. Also some veteran actors like #MarinaKhan #AsifRazaMir #FarhanAliAgha #RasheedNaz and #HinaKhawajaBayat


One of the Most Fun and Up beat song of the year #BehkaRe

Its from the film #Jawani_Phir_Nahi_Ani_2 sung by a really fantastic voice #SherazUpple.

#JPNA2 did the biggest business of the year for Pakistani Cinema i.e. approximately 68 crore and worldwide 15.7 crore.

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