On the Birthday of a Dreamer….

~Hazaro Saal Nagiz Apni Be-Noori pe Rooti hai,
~Bari Mushkil se hota hai Chaman mai Dedawar paida……

Allama Muhammad Iqbal is one of the Few people that had a Dream, a Dream of Pakistan and had the guts to give his life for it.
Convincing Quid – e – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to Lead a Nation like us!!
A Nation that doesn’t know their Rights and Duties properly. a Nation that is Not so good in Keeping Secrets.
Move over, keep the ‘Fire of Freedom’ Buring in the minds of people; INCREDIBLE
Mind Altering and Inspirational Poetry.
We Salute the ‘Dreamer of the Nation’ and ‘The National Poet of Pakistan’ Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

May we All be able to make this country Pakistan, as the Dream and wishes of our Beloved Quid – e – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and The Great Thinker, Philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal . Ameen
#I_Bleed_Green 🇵🇰️😀

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I'm a BSCS honors graduate. worked in a start up as a Software Tester. I have an aim to make a positive impact on the society. Therefore, made this website to fulfill this aim.

One thought on “On the Birthday of a Dreamer….”

  1. My fav. one is “Allah se door karay tu, taleem bhi fitna…”
    Incredible… May we all follow our Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah foot steps and make this country worthwhile, Peaceful, Prosperous and According to our Religion Islam, for which it was made in the first place. ameen

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