Remembering Qaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah –

The Great Leader, Believer, Visionary, Dreamer and Lawyer.

He was the first who Realized that Muslims are a Separate and Distinguishable Nation.

He was the Very First that believed in the Strength of Muslim Nation; that they are able to fight for their rights and if guided well, can achieve FREEDOM.

It was his vision that there should be a country where Muslims should acquire Majority and are able to fulfill their Religious, Cultural and Traditional Norms, peaceful; whereas minorities (Nations other than Muslims) are also welcomed; with full dignity and Freedom to perform their Religious norms.

He was a Dreamer, as they say, “Dream is Not what you see while you are asleep; dream is what Doesn’t Let You Sleep….” and a Separate, Independent country for the Muslims of the Sub-content is the utmost DREAM of #Qaid_e_Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Everybody knows it as a fact that #Qaid_e_Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Mashaa Allah was a Genius Lawyer, and this was the Quality that accommodate the Least in his Struggle for a Separate, Independent country (for Sub – Content Muslims).

Yes, you heard me Right!! His Skills in the field of Law, was just like the Icing on the cake. His main struggle was to be Convinced on the Fact that Muslims are a Separate Nation by the EVERY meaning of it. Moreover, sowing the Seed of Freedom in the minds of people of Sub-Content; people that have left their life at the hands of fate….

After that is done, he only needs to guide the Muslims of Sub-Content; a proper way to figjt for the Freedom and keep the Ray of Hope Alive for the Muslims….

Salute to the Great Leader and Our Qaid – e – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah….

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