It’s Your time to Shine !!!

Don’t play small, Don’t Settle for small.
Raise above your fears, shine, and do what you do BEST… what you Love to do…

Because when you do what you Love and shine in your life, you unconsciously help, motivate and inspire other to shine too.

Do what you do BEST…
It’s your Time !!!

A word of kindness –

Where we believe in random sayings and things thinking of them as sunnat of Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W).

Let us see some genuine, known sunnat that are diminishing from our society…

It’s a humble request, the Society will NEVER change, until WE change ourselves.

EVERY person and his contribution to the society is important. Thus, please make sure that you play your part in making it (the society we all live in) Peaceful, Prosperous, Beautiful, Kind, Helpful, Trustworthy, Honest, Hard working, Loving and Lovable.

May Allah Bless us all, and May we give our Best to the society. Ameen.

Remember !! What we give today, will Affect, Not just random people, but also our Generations to Come.

Wherever we go, we will ALWAYS be known as Pakistan’s. So make this country and its people Lovable and Trustworthy.

Take care,

The Magic of Positivity !!

Positivity REALLY matters.
If you stay positive about the circumstances you are in, you will find ways to STAY HAPPY & Satisfied. That really helps you to get out of your bad Physical, Emotional and Mental state, and become useful for others and yourself…

Don’t believe me ???
Try it !!

Question of the Day – No. 247 — Pointless Overthinking

Q: What is the Most interesting lesson you have learned this year ?

Ans: I learned that regretting on your mistakes and crying on them is no use. We Must learn the lesson (from our mistake) and move on.
Your life should not be stuck in that one moment ; in which your made a mistake. Life is Really Beautiful & Full of opportunities. If you keep standing in one place, you’ll not be able to Enjoy and Avail the new opportunities in life; waiting for you to shine.

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