Shifting to a New Site !!!

Assalam-o-Allikum, and Hello My friends and Followers…

This is your blogger Amber Iqbal. I am here to make an Sad announcement. Unfortunately, my subscription for this domain has been expired, thus, this website would not be there any more.

However, your inspiration would remain in the Cyberspace; as I have come up with a new website, to share my inspiration with you ALL !!!

My new blog is named as ‘am.chronicles.revived’. Here is the link to the Website : . I would Love to see you all there. As I am NOTHING without a Conscious, Inspirational, Pro-Active, Amazing Audience like yourself. Mashaa Allah (God is Great).

Thanks a LOT for your support and inspiration. I am out of Words right now !!

Really looking forward to see you all there .. (on my new blog).

Lot’s of Love and Regards.
God Bless you All…
Signing Off….

Allah Hafiz.
See you Soon, In Shaa Allah (If God is willing)….

How it feels??

Yes, I know how it feels. I’ve been to that place. I would only like to say, to ppl who are facing such situation; that You’ll get through it, In_Shaa_Allah (if God is Willing) , But you HAVE TO keep believing and keep Praying…
Keep yourself busy, in some constructive work, even if it means painting your house walls or fixing switches in the house or cleaning the house etc… ANYTHING that force you to use your mind a little and also gives you peace of mind.

Like for me, I use to search for Motivational Quotes and Share it with my friends. That builds up and I’m now running this Blog to Inspire people, Just for my Inner satisfaction. GOD Bless you All Always. Ameen.
May you All find your inspiration, Passion to live your life to the Fullest.. Ameen.

A Simple Exercise Will Reboot Your Brain In 30 Seconds.

AWESOME, do try it, I’ve just tried and it worked AWESOME, but do remember, it worked for me within a few seconds, like 5-7 seconds not 20 seconds, so the time may vary, thus be conscious of your body, and if the exercise cause youI any kind of unbearable pain, even a little one then STOP the practice IMMEDIATELY !!!

Take care.


Mehbooba ft. Ali Asghar, Ali Tariq, Hamza Tanveer & Sinan Salman | NESCAFÉ Basement Season 5 | 2019

Well done #Xulfi for providing a Great, well equipped platform for young musicians. Talented Artists to practice, discover and improve their in-build talent. Mashaa Allah, Allah Bless you for this.
And Great work kids. Nice to see that old – Hit songs are still remembered. Keep up the good work.

A Dream Relieved !!!!

Mashaa Allah, SubhanAllah,
Reliving my childhood Dream…
To be a Fighter Pilot !!!

The First Ever song, that inspired me, Light up that Spark in me to be a ‘Fighter Pilot’ of my beloved #Pakistan_Air_force

Although, my Dream, never came True, but that ‘Fire’ – to do something for the country; is still there.
And today, watching a Beautiful episode of Salam Zindagi describing the Greatness, Passion, Perseverance, Hard work and Disciple of our Marvelous #Pakistan_Air_force; it refurbished my Passion to do Something for my country !!!!

“Dream !!! “

Something I learned the HARD way, but it was Worth it.
And thanks for Sharing this video, this Reminded me, and mad me Realize that, No Body is going to Stand for me, I have to Believe in my Dreams, and Make ways for it to become a Reality.
Thanks a Lot for sharing.
And I’m sharing this further, for People who needed to hear it.
God Bless you All Always. Ameen.