Age is JUST a number !!!

These two people just knocked my head out… Unbelievable…

One of my MOST favorite auditions of America’s got talent..

I literally couldn’t stop myself standing and clapping for them, the endurance, the technique, the passion, the Madness, it’ll take to do such a thing. AMAZING…..

They seriously proved the proverb that ” Age is JUST a number !!! ”
Mashaa Allah, God Bless you both. Ameen.

Lesson of the Day !!!

“Don’t make others the source of your Happiness. Make your own source to Happiness, as people can Never, Will Never think for you or care for you as you do.”

Love yourself, Work on your Growth, Stay Healthy, Stay Away from Bad/ negative thoughts and talks, talk Something positive into you – each day, be kind hearted, Honest – to yourself and others, Pray regularly, Do an act of kindness each day, and be SO Busy in self – growth and Positivity that you don’t Literally have time for Negative talks and gossips.

God Bless.

To all the humanity,

Until Next time !!

Allah Hafiz (God Bless)

The Last Step !!

“Last steps towards the Top are Always difficult. Just stay Focused, Stay Honest, Keep Working Hard, keep practising Perseverance and you will Definitely have a Fruitful Success. In Shaa Allah(if God is willing). ”

Original By: Amber Iqbal

Watch “Ayushmann Khurrana reveals 28 things people say daily in India to discriminate | Article 15” on YouTube

For a good 1 min I was in Shock, we really encounter such statements on regular basis irrespective of country I believe. Whether we say it or not, maybe 90% of people around the world thinks like that. We definitely need to change how we treat others, because this will affect us in the end, No matter Wherever we are….
What comes around goes around.
So THINK before you speak or treat the other person, cuz Next time…. it could be You…

It’s Your time to Shine !!!

Don’t play small, Don’t Settle for small.
Raise above your fears, shine, and do what you do BEST… what you Love to do…

Because when you do what you Love and shine in your life, you unconsciously help, motivate and inspire other to shine too.

Do what you do BEST…
It’s your Time !!!

A word of kindness –

Where we believe in random sayings and things thinking of them as sunnat of Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W).

Let us see some genuine, known sunnat that are diminishing from our society…

It’s a humble request, the Society will NEVER change, until WE change ourselves.

EVERY person and his contribution to the society is important. Thus, please make sure that you play your part in making it (the society we all live in) Peaceful, Prosperous, Beautiful, Kind, Helpful, Trustworthy, Honest, Hard working, Loving and Lovable.

May Allah Bless us all, and May we give our Best to the society. Ameen.

Remember !! What we give today, will Affect, Not just random people, but also our Generations to Come.

Wherever we go, we will ALWAYS be known as Pakistan’s. So make this country and its people Lovable and Trustworthy.

Take care,

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